Spanish Spanish Words for Furniture

You'll need to know the Spanish words for furniture to furnish your home, apartment, or office in another country. It might be confusing if you don't know at least most of the furniture words in Spanish. We can help you learn them in Spanish with our awesome free Mini Course below. Learn the words and then quiz yourself with the intense Burrito Builder review game!

Spanish mini-course

English Spanish
the bed la cama
the armchair el sillón
the chair la silla
the desk el escritorio
the furniture los muebles
English Spanish
the garbage can el basurero
the piano El piano
the sofa el sofá
the table la mesa

Learning Spanish Furniture Words

Hopefully the chair you are sitting in is comfortable. You never thought that Spanish words could be so addicting and comfortable. You can learn Spanish by sitting in your comfortable chair. Just remember to exercise sometimes. You'll see that the lists of Spanish phrases are important as well. May your love of the Spanish language continue to grow and grow!