Spanish Learn Spanish Nature Words

What are you going to do to save Mother Nature? Start by learning nature words in Spanish! These words are especially useful if you will be doing an fun excursion or a service mission in a foreign country. Our free Mini Course will definitely help you learn them with the fun Memory Machine, and the lovely Learning Lounge!

Spanish mini-course

English Spanish
the cliff el precipicio
the flower la flor
the garden / the yard el jardín
the garden (vegetable) / orchard la huerta
the grass (lawn) el césped/el pasto
the herb la hierba
the lake el lago
the mountain range la sierra
the mountains las montañas
English Spanish
the ocean el océano
the plant la planta
the river el río
the sea el mar
the shore la orilla
the soil el suelo
the tree el árbol
the waterfalls las cataratas
the weed la hierba mala

Learning Spanish Nature Words

You have now learned how to describe the world you will save. There are many more Spanish words which will help you in your journey. You can learn Spanish and enjoy this world even more. There are many Spanish phrases for you to learn as well. Visit the Spanish language pages to increase your knowledge of the Spanish culture.