Spanish Spanish Numbers

This is the best place to learn Spanish Numbers using lessons, multimedia activites and addicting games. Math is the same in every language, although the numbers are pronounced differently. You can learn the numbers in Spanish by watching these awesome videos. Then memorize and review them with the Memory Machine and Burrito Builder lessons below. There is also a written list of Spanish numbers at the bottom of the page

Spanish mini-course

English Spanish
0 cero
1 uno
2 dos
3 tres
4 cuatro
5 cinco
6 seis
7 siete
8 ocho
9 nueve
10 diez
English Spanish
11 once
12 doce
13 trece
14 catorce
15 quince
16 dieciséis
17 diecisiete
18 dieciocho
19 diecinueve
20 veinte

Learning Numbers in Spanish

Did you come up with a world-saving algorithm? Well at least you'll be able to understand how much change you're getting back at the Spanish market. Take a break from the numbers and visit the Spanish words page. After that, you can calculate how long it will take you to learn Spanish. There are countless Spanish phrases for you to learn as well. A good understanding of the Spanish numbers will help you learn the Spanish language.