Italian Italian Survival Phrases

This list of Italian survival phrases will help you to survive speaking Italian with important phrases like thank you in Italian. Learn them with free audio flash cards and the Lingo Dingo review game!

Italian mini-course

English Italian
Where is the restroom? Dov'è il bagno?
I am lost. Mi sono perso.
the hotel l’albergo
the restaurant il ristorante
the airport l’aereoporto
the American embassy l’ambasciata americana
Excuse me. Mi scusi.
Pardon me. Mi scusi.
Please. Per favore.
Thank you. Grazie.
I'm sorry. Mi dispiace.
Bless you (sneeze). Salute.
You are welcome (it was nothing). Prego/Di niente.
How much does it cost? Quanto costa?
How many are there? Quanti ce ne sono?
There are many. Ce ne sono molti.
Will you buy this? Lo compri?
How do you say it in Italian? Come si dice it in italiano?
Yes. Sì.
No. No.
I don’t understand. Non capisco.
Slower please Più piano, per favore.
Who? Chi?
Why? Perché?

Learning Italian Survival Phrases

The most important phrases you learn might be thank you in Italian and how are you in Italian. This list of survival Italian phrases should help you feel comfortable because at least you will survive. Your journey to learn Italian could bring you many fun experiences so you need to be alive! In addition to this list of Italian survival phrases, there are lists of Italian verbs for you to learn for free as well. There are also many different topics of Italian words available for you. Have fun as you learn the Italian language!