Portuguese Portuguese Culture

Portuguese language is spoken by over 218 million people worldwide. It evolved from a few Latin Gallic dialects spoken in the Iberian Peninsula.

Portuguese speakers worldwide:

Countries where Portuguese is spoken are called Lusophone. As there is quite a number of colonial times, Portuguese speakers found in India (Goa, Daman, Diu areas), in Batticaloa (Sri Lanka), and in Malacca/Melaka (Malaysia). Significant Portuguese speaking communities/diasporas are found all over the world, especially in the following countries: Andorra, Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Curacao, France, Japan, Jersey, Luxembourg, Namibia, South Africa, Switzerland, and Venezuela.

Portuguese Cuisine

Given the geographical diversity, the Lusophone culture and traditions vary greatly depending on the region. In Brazil, for example, cuisine has a strong African and Latin American influence while in Portugal it is rather similar to the French and Spanish cuisine.

In Portugal, the national dish is Bacalhau (dried salted cod). Grilled sardines and horse mackerel are also very popular, especially in coastal towns. You will also see a variety of seafood restaurants, with lots of shellfish choices and oysters on display. Another local specialty is Caldo Verde. This Portuguese Green Soup/Kale Soup exists in a number of variations throughout the country.