Russian Russian Verbs - Group 1

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Russian mini-course

English Russian
to be (permanent) byt’
to be (temp./location etc.) nakhodit’sya
to have imet’
to do delat’/ vypolnyat’
to make delat’
to be able to (can) moch
to say skazat’
to go idti
to see videt’
to give davat’
to eat kushat’
to know (info) znat’
to want xotet’
English Russian
to arrive pribyt’
to owe byt’ dolzhnym
to put klast’
to place raspolozhit’
to believe verit’
to speak/talk govorit’/razgovarivat’
to read chitat’
to sleep spat’
to understand ponimat’
to find nakhodit’
to call zvonit’/zvat’
to come prixodit’

Learning Russian Verbs Group 1

Return to the Russian verbs menu when you have mastered Group 1 of the Top 100 Russian verbs. Congratulations! Check out the Russian phrases if verbs are not what you are looking for. There are also many Russian words available for you to use. In your journey to learn Russian it is important that you make time to speak, write, and understand Russian.