Russian Russian Verbs - Group 5

Group 5 has 25 more Russian verbs for you to learn. Learn for free with audio flash cards and the dangerously addictive Lingo Dingo! One of these verbs could help you save the world!

Russian mini-course

English Russian
to brush prichiosyvat’
to get up vstavat’
to meet vstrechat’
to shave brit’sya
to forget zabyvat’
to swim plavat’
to invite priglashat’
to start nachinat’
to be located naxodit’sya
to leave something or someone ostavit’ chto-libo ili kogo-libo
to fall down padat’
to happen proisxodit’
to enter vxodit’
English Russian
to draw risovat’
to drive ekhat’
to fix chinit’
to go down spuskat’sya
to lower opuskat’
to hit udaryat’
to jump prygat’
to keep khranit’
to maintain podderzhivat’
to die umirat’
to loan brat’ v dolg
to love lyubit’

Learning Russian Verbs Group 5

Return to the Russian verbs menu when you have mastered Group 5 of the Russian verbs. You are doing great! There are also lists of Russian words available for you to use and learn. Don’t forget that you can view and learn free Russian phrases as well. We hope that you can have fun as you learn Russian.