Spanish Gustar Spanish Verb Conjugation

As a quick review, let’s look at “to like” or “gustar”. Remember that “gustar” is an irregular verb. Literally, instead of saying, “I like”, you’re saying “It pleases me”. Since this verb is very irregular, let’s see how it works.

Spanish mini-course

To say, “I like the book”, you would say “Me gusta el libro”. If you really want to emphasize “who” likes the book, you can say “(A mí) Me gusta el libro”. The phrase “A mí” is optional.

Now, watch what this verb does if you’re talking about liking more than one thing. If you say, “I like the books” you would say “(A mí) me gustan los libros”. Of all the verbs you learned, “gustar” is the only verb that adds an “n” when there is something plural after it.

Let’s look at a few examples:  

I like the house would be -(A mí) Me gusta la casa    I like the houses would be -(A mí) me gustan las casas
He likes the car would be-(A él) le gusta el carro   I like the carwould be-(A él) le gustan los carros
She likes the book would be-(A ella) le gusta el libro    She likes the books would be-(A ella) Le gustan los libros)

Before you continue with the practice session, let’s review a few of the words previously learned.

Hamburger hamburguesa
Cookies galletas
Juice jugo
Book libro
Food comida
Vegetables verduras
To play jugar
To sing cantar
Swimming pool piscina
Magazine revista

Spanish Verb Practice

Now, let’s practice a few.

I like (the) hamburgers (A mí) Me gustan las hamburguesas
(Juan) You like (the) cookies (A ti) Te gustan las galletas
He likes the juice (A él) Le gusta el jugo
She likes the book (A ella) Le gusta el libro
(Mr. Garcia) you like the food (A Ud.) Le gusta la comida
We like the vegetables (A nosotros) Nos gustan la verduras
They like (boys) to play (A ellos) Les gusta jugar
They like (girls) to sing (A ellas) Les gusta cantar
All of you like the swimming pools (A Uds.) Les gustan las piscinas
I like the magazines (A mí) Me gustan las revistas