Spanish O to UE Irregular Spanish Verb Conjugation

Spanish Verbs Present Tense

Now we’ll take a look at the next set of Spanish irregular verbs whose stems change from “o” to “ue”. Remember that the stems change for everyone except “nosotros” because “nosotros” likes to stay regular”. The same is true with “vosotros” that you can learn if you’re going to Spain.

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Let’s take a closer look at the verb “poder” which, as you learned in Level I, means “can” or “to be able to”. Remember that the stem changes from “poder” to “puedo”, or in other words, the “o” changes to “ue”.

I can would be – [pued][o] we can would be –

(Remember, the stem stays regular like the infinitive form. The “o” doesn’t change to “ue”)
(Paco) you can would be –

Remember since you’re on a first-name basis with Paco, you add the friendly “s”
[pued][es] you (plural/informal) or all of you can =

(remember, this is only used in Spain)
He, she, or Mrs. Vasquez, you can would be – [piens][a] they or all of you can would be [pued][en]

The “o” to “ue” stem changing verbs are the following. Review them over and over again until they start to seem natural to you.

The verb Changes to
[encontr][ar] encuentro
[devolv][er] devuelvo
[dorm][ir] duermo
[mor][ir] muero
[record][ar] recuerdo
[mostr][ar] muestro
[llov][er] llueve
[pod][er] puedo
[mov][er] muevo
[cost][ar] cuesto
[volv][er] vuelvo
[jug][ar] juego
[cont][ar] cuento
[almorz][ar] almu rzo

“O” to “UE” Spanish Practice

Let’s begin the quiz:

I find Encuentro
She finds Encuentra
We find Encontramos
I return (the book) Devuelvo
He returns (the book) Devuelve
We return (the book) Devolvemos
(Juan) You sleep Duermes
They sleep Duermen
We sleep Dormimos
(Juana) You die Mueres
(All of you) die Mueren
We die Morimos
(Mrs. Méndez) You remember Recuerda
They remember Recuerdan
We remember Recordamos
(Mr. Garcia) you show Muestra
(Juanita) You show Muestras
We show Mostramos
It rains Llueve
They can Pueden
(José) You can Puedes
We can Podemos
They move Mueven
(All of you)  move Mueven
We moves Movemos
It costs Cuesta
I return (starts with ‘v’) Vuelvo
He returns (starts with ‘v’) Vuelve
We return (starts with ‘v’) Volvemos
She plays Juega
They play Juegan
We play Jugamos
I count Cuento
He counts Cuenta
We count Contamos
They eat lunch Almuerzan
(María) You eat lunch Almuerzas
We can eat lunch Almorzamos

How’d you do? If you’d like, here you can either review the lesson you just learned, or, if you feel comfortable with it, you can go on to the next lesson.