Spanish Present Progressive Irregular Spanish Verb Conjugation

As with all tenses, there are always irregulars and the doing verbs are no exception. The good thing is that the Spanish “doing verb” irregulars are a lot easier to learn.

Spanish mini-course

As mentioned in the Present tense section, the best way to learn the irregulars is to go over and over them until they begin to “sound” right when they’re conjugated correctly. In other words, if you go over and over them, you’ll get to the point where you don’t have to think about them; they’ll come naturally to you. Let’s take a look at the irregulars:
This first group all add a “y”.

Creer becomes Creyendo
Leer becomes Leyendo
Ir becomes Yendo
Destruir becomes Destruyendo
Incluir becomes Incluyendo
Oír becomes Oyendo
Traer becomes Trayendo
Caerse (a reflexive verb) becomes Cayéndose

This next group of Spanish irregulars are stem changers and change from “o” to “u”.

Morir becomes Muriendo
Dormir becomes Durmiendo

This final group of irregulars are also stem changers and change from “e” to “i”.

Pedir becomes Pidiendo
Seguir becomes Siguiendo
Conseguir becomes Consiguiendo
Repetir becomes Repitiendo
Servir becomes Sirviendo
Sentir becomes Sintiendo
Preferir becomes Prefiriendo
Requerir becomes Requiriendo
Venir becomes Viniendo
Decir becomes Diciendo

And now a few reflexives in the same group:

Vestirse becomes Vistiéndose
Despedirse becomes Despidiéndose
Sentirse becomes Sintiéndose
Divertirse becomes Divirtiéndose

Before you go on to the Spanish practice session, there are a few new vocabulary words to go over. Here they are:

the book el libro
sick enfermo
The problem El problema
The door La puerta
The window La ventana

As you go on to the practice session, watch for the irregular doing verbs. Remember, some are stem changers that go from “e” to “i”, some change from “o” to “u” and some add a “y”. Also, remember that as you listen to them over and over, they’ll start sounding more “natural” to you.

Spanish Practice Session – Doing Part IV

Now, we’ll have a short practice session. (Read the English aloud then the Spanish aloud.)

I am believing (right now) Estoy creyendo
(Marta) You are reading (right now) Estás leyendo
He is asking for… (right now) Está pidiendo
She is following  (right now) Está siguiendo
(Sra. Benites) You are getting… (right now) Está consiguiendo
We are repeating  (right now) Estamos repitiendo
They are serving  (right now) Están sirviendo
All of you are going  (right now) Están yendo
I am not destroying…  (right now) No estoy destruindo
(Martín) You are including…  (right now) Está incluyendo
He is hearing  (right now) Está oyendo
She is  feeling… (right now) Está sintiendo
(Sr. Mendes) You are preferring…  (right now) Está prefiriendo
We are requiring  (right now) Estamos requiriendo
They are dying  (right now) Están muriendo
All of you are  sleeping  (right now) Están durmiendo
I am bringing the book  (right now) Estoy trayendo el libro
(Marta) You are coming  (right now) Estás viniendo
Juan is  saying… (right now) Juan está diciendo
They are getting dressed  (right now) Están vistiéndose
(Sra. Benites) You are saying goodbye  (right now) Está despidiéndose
We are feeling sick (right now) Estamos sintiéndonos enfermos
María is having fun  (right now) María está divirtiéndose
All of you are falling down Están cayéndose

If you feel comfortable with this lesson, continue on to the next lesson. Otherwise you can continue to review until you are ready to move on.

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