Spanish Car Part Words in Spanish

Maybe you can't save the world, but you can save a conversation by talking about car parts. Conchita will help you learn car parts in Spanish with the more than enjoyable flash cards below, and then you can quiz yourself with the dangerously addictive Burrito Builder review game!

Spanish mini-course

English Spanish
the automatic transmission la transmisión automática
the axle el eje
the brakes los frenos
the bumper el parachoques
the driver el chofer
the engine el motor
first gear primera velocidad
the gas la gasolina
the gas pedal el acelerador
the gas tank el tanque
the gear shift la palanca de velocidades
the headlights las luces delanteras
the hood el cofre
the horn el claxon / la vocina
the jack la gata / el gato
English Spanish
the manual transmission la transmisión manual
the rearview mirror el espejo retrovisor
the seat belt el cinturón
the spare tire la llanta de repuesto
the steering wheel el volante
the sun roof el quema coco
the taillights las luces traseras
the tire la llanta
the trunk la cajuela
the turn signal la señal de cambios
the visor la visera
the wheel la rueda
the window la ventana
the windshield el parabrisas
the wipers las limpiaparabrisas

Learning Spanish Car Part Words

If you own a car you should learn how to say goodbye in Spanish because unfortunate things will happen sooner or later to your car. You are now a little bit closer to becoming a Spanish-speaking auto mechanic! Return to the Spanish voabulary menu for more Spanish words in different categories. There are important Spanish phrases you should know as well. Your efforts to learn Spanish might get your car out of the shop faster. You can also learn fun things about the Spanish culture for free.