Spanish Learn Spanish Outside Words

Describing the outside of your home is almost as fun as saving the world. Conchita will help you learn important outside words in Spanish with the lovable Learning Lounge and the magical Memory Machine. Have a go wit the Burrito Builder also for better retention.

Spanish mini-course

English Spanish
the brick el ladrillo
the bush el arbusto
the chimney la chimenea
the door la puerta
the driveway la entrada de coches
the garage el garaje
the lawn el césped
English Spanish
outside afuera
the patio el patio
the porch el porche
the roof el techo
the sidewalk la banqueta
the wall la pared
the window la ventana

Learning Spanish Outside Words

Now that you can describe where you live, you should return to the Spanish words menu to learn about more fun things you could do. The goal is for you to be able to learn Spanish to speak with others. Important Spanish phrases can help you sound more fluent in the Spanish language.