Spanish Speak Spanish in a Restaurant

Make your Spanish waitress happy by speaking Spanish in a restaurant, oh and by leaving a generous tip. Watch the video below to hear the restaurant table words in Spanish. Then learn, memorize and quiz yourself with fun activities, lessons and games in our Mini Course below.

Spanish mini-course

English Spanish
the bowl el plato hondo
the chair la silla
the check el cheque
the cup la taza / el vaso
the fork el tenedor
the knife el cuchillo
manners los modales
the menu el menú
English Spanish
the napkin la servilleta
the pepper la pimienta
the pitcher la jarra
the plate el plato
the salt la sal
the spoon la cuchara
the waitress la mesera
the waiter el mesero

Learning Spanish Restaurant Table Words

How was your dining experience? Return to the Spanish words menu so you can talk about food as well. You can learn Spanish eat well at the same time. The pages of Spanish phrases will help you have intriguing conversations as you eat. If you visit the Spanish language you could also talk about the Spanish culture.