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Traveling for business? Learn the occupation words in Spanish with the Memory Machine, Burrito Builder and the lavish Learning Lounge. Whatever you profession, you will most likely have the opportunity to talk about it with someone who speaks Spanish. So use our free Mini Course and learn these words. Watch out! You might get addicted and learn something!

Spanish mini-course

English Spanish
the accountant el/la contador
the actor el actor/ la actriz
the artist el/la artista
the athlete el/la deportista
the barber el/la barbero/a
the boss el/la jefe
the business person el/la comerciante
the butcher el/la carnicero/a
the carpenter el/la carpintero/a
the cashier el/la cajero/a
the chef el/la cocinero/a
the coach el/la entrenador/a
the computer technician el/la técnico de computadora
the construction worker el/la trabajador/a de construcción
the dentist el dentista
the doctor el/la medico / el/la doctor/a
the engineer el/la ingeniero/a
the farmer el/la granjero/a
English Spanish
the firefighter el/la bombero/a
the hair dresser el/la peluquero/a
the judge el/la juez
the lawyer/attorney el/la abogado/a
the librarian el/la bibliotecario/a
the mail carrier el/la cartero/a
the mason (brick layer) el albañil
the mechanic el/la mecánico/a
the nurse el/la enfermero/a
the police officer el policía
the president el/la presidente/a
the professor el/la profesor/a
the programmer el/la programador/a
the reporter el/la reportero/a
the secretary el/la secretario/a
the veterinarian el/la veterinario/a
the waiter el/la mesero/a
the writer el/la escritor/a

Learning Spanish Profession Words

Which is your favorite profession? Once you've mastered them all, go back to the Spanish words menu to learn words in other topics. Those who learn Spanish could also learn a new profession or make their current job more exciting. If nothing else, go to the Spanish phrases page and tell somebody you love them in Spanish. Have fun learning the Spanish language!