Italian Italian Family

Since your family will be honored when you save the world, it's important that you introduce them properly in Italian. Stella the Italian will help you learn the family words in Italian with the more than enjoyable flash cards below, and then you can quiz yourself with the dangerously addictive Lingo Dingo review game!

Italian mini-course

English Italian
the aunt la zia
the boyfriend il ragazzo
the brother il fratello
the brother-in-law il cognato
the cousins i cugini / le cugine
the dad il papà
the daughter la figlia
the daughter-in-law la nuora
the family la famiglia
the father il padre
the father-in-law il suocero
the fiancé il fidanzato / la fidanzata
the friend l'amico / l'amica
the girlfriend la ragazza
the grandma la nonna
English Italian
the grandpa il nonno
the grandparents i nonni
the husband il marito
the mom la mamma
the mother la madre
the mother-in-law la suocera
the nephew il nipote
the niece la nipote
the relationships le relazioni
the sister la sorella
the sister-in-law la cognata
the son il figlio
the son-in-law il genero
the uncle lo zio
the wife la moglie

Learning Italian Family Words

Thanks for introducing your family! A piece of advice for you to maintain a good relationship with your family is to learn how to say thank you in Italian. Those words will help you more than probably any other words. Learn more Italian words to continue honoring them. Your efforts to learn Italian will help you meet more people to honor. Learn Italian phrases to better communicate with family and friends. The Italian customs page will help you learn about Italian culture and other interesting things about Italy.