Spanish Subjunctive Reflexives and Direct Objects

Here we’ll learn how to use direct objects and reflexives with the subjunctive tense. It’s fairly simple. When there’s one verb, the direct object or reflexive pronoun goes in front, and when there’s two verbs, it can go either in front of both or after both. Just keep in mind that the subjunctive trigger doesn’t count as a verb. In other words, if I said, “She wants us to do it” or “Ella quiere que nosotros lo hagamos”, the “Ella quiere que” (put in red) doesn’t count as a verb because it’s the subjunctive trigger.

Spanish mini-course

Ella qter/>uiere que nosotros lo hagamos

[pronoun goes before] [one verb]

Let’s look at a few examples with one verb where the direct object or reflexive pronoun would come before the verb. See if you can guess how to say it.

It’s important for Juana to read it. Es importante que Juana lo lea
[pronoun goes before] [one verb]
He wants us to do it. Quiere que nosotros lo hagamos.
[pronoun goes before] [one verb]  
She hopes I sit down. Espera que me siente
[pronoun goes before] [one verb]
We don’t think (believe) he will shave No creemos que se afeite
[pronoun goes before] [one verb]

Now let’s look at a few examples with two verbs.

It’s posible that we can’t do it. Es posible que no podamos hacerlo
[two verbs] [pronoun goes before or after]
He hopes we can eat it. Espera que podamos comerlo.
[two verbs] [pronoun goes before or after]  
I doubt they can wake up. Dudo que puedan despertarse

[two verbs] [pronoun goes before or after]
Maybe you (tú) can have fun Tal vez puedas divertirse
[two verbs] [pronoun goes before or after]

Spanish Review

they doubt that you'll buy it (Sra. Alvarado) dudan que lo compre
We want you (Berta) to clean it (la cocina) queremos que la limpie
They like me to draw them les gusta que los dibuje
it's important that he deliver it (la carta) es importante que la entregue
She needs them to explain it (la lección) necesita que la expliquen
You all prefer that we fix it prefieren que lo arreglemos
He says for her to leave him dice que lo deje
it's difficult for you all to paint it (la casa) es dificil que la pinten
I hope he sells them espero que los venda
you (Sr. Moreno) wish him to read them (las cartas) desea que las lea
She doesn't believe that I'll drink them (las soda) no cree que las beba
it's necessary for you to learn it (Lidia) es necesario que lo aprendas
They ask all of you eat it Piden que lo coman
We insist that she destroy them Insistimos en que los destruya
without her starting it (la reunión) sin que la empiece
It's possible that they'll understand it es posible que lo entiendan
He doesn't think that we'll do it no cree que lo hagamos
so that she'll remember it (la navidad) para que la recuerde
before you all meet her antes de que la conozcan
Unless you (Mateo) break it (la pie) A menos que la rompas
Hopefully I'll be it Ojalá que lo sea
As long as you return them (las herramientas) con tal de que las devuelva