Spanish Learn Spanish Kitchen Words

Learn how to say kitchen in Spanish as well as tons of other Spanish kitchen words with the awesome Mini Course below! Start with the Learning Lounge, and then move on to quizing yourself with the super-fun Burrito Builder game.

Spanish mini-course

English Spanish
the bowl el plato hondo
the cabinet el gabinete
the drain el drenaje
the freezer el congelador
the fridge el refrigerador
the frying pan el sartén
English Spanish
the kitchen la cocina
the lid la tapa
the oven el horno
the sauce pan la olla
the stove la estufa

Learning Spanish Kitchen Words

Congratulations! You are now the master of the kitchen in Spanish! Just remember that some dishes don't always work out in the kitchen, so you may want to take a moment and learn how to say sorry in Spanish. The best way to celebrate is to return to the Spanish words menu to learn other words. Your quest to learn Spanish will fill your mind and enhance your life much more than food can. You probably shouldn't forget to visit the Spanish culture page for culture information either.