Spanish Spanish Military Words

You might need to use Spanish military words if you plan to travel and use this new language you're learning. We can help you learn all the important military words in Spanish with mind-blowing Memory Machine, and then you can quiz yourself with the incredible Burrito Builder review game!

Spanish mini-course

English Spanish
the fighter jet el avión de caza
the attack el ataque
the cease fire el ceso de fuego
the commander el comandante
the army el ejército
the general el general
the helicopter el helicóptero
the casualty el lesionado
the missile el misil
the soldier el soldado
the tank el tanque
English Spanish
the battle la batalla
the bomb la bomba
the explosion la explosión
the airforce la fuerza aérea
the grenade la granada
the war la guerra
the invasion la invasión
the navy la marina
the peace la paz
the weapons las armas
the weapons of mass destruction las armas de destrucción masiva

Learning Spanish Military Words

The sad thing about learning military vocabulary is that you need to learn how to say "I miss you in Spanish". You have showed great courage in learning the military words. Increase your courage by returning to the Spanish words menu to learn other words. Your quest to learn Spanish will help you break communication barriers. Visiting the Spanish culture page will increase your understanding of the Spanish and Latin American culture.